Board Assignments - Ingemar B. Aldén


Only current assignments are shown below.


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IsiFer AB - Chairman


"Dedicated to delivering new therapies to women suffering from infertility and menstrual pain, by developing a convenient treatment kit including a specially designed medical device, proprietary formulation of balanced solution of ions and pharmacological substance in defined amount, as well as all accessories needed"


Aldenco AB - Chairman

"Dedicated to evaluating, guiding and supporting Commercial Development Projects of Innovative nature, as well as Mentorship for start-up activities"

Sonja Aldén AB -Director

"Creative Production of lyrics and music as well as singing performances"


Examples of Assignments as Consultancy

in Commercial Development & Management


We work primarily with customized projects within the arena nowadays very often referred to as  Life Sciences.


We can through our network offer all kinds of support services for companies aiming at the Life Sciences arena, local as well as foreign ones planning to set up their own organization for Sweden and the Nordic Region.


General Managers new in the local market environment may also benefit a lot from an initial coaching program.


Most assignments are performed under non-

disclosure agreements with several years of duration.


In consideration of our clients rights we can only

provide open examples of recent assignments in a somewhat disguised form. When such limitations no longer are valid, the name of the client is also shown in our reference list that

can be requested via our Contact Page


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July 16, 2020